Thursday, 16 June 2011


I've been wanting a pair of the original converse shoes, and was lucky enough to get a pair for my birthday! AND they go with pretty much everything..yeey!
£39 - Office


As well as this, I also have a blog on tumblr (if you wish to follow me my URL is where-daisys-fall..) and recently I have been seeing endless amounts of pictures of "the latest it girl - JESSE JO STARK". She is 19, the head designer of chrome hearts jewelry and her godmother is woah!
She seems to have such an effortless style..a punk/grunge look which is often combined with childlike things - such as dinosaurs. She claims that each day is a new day where she gets to play dress up; clear traits of a girl longing to stay youthful forever.

Her most recognisable feature would be her ever changing hair styles - constantly long and perfectly distressed hair (which i LOVE) - but with various colours in various places..from green dipdye to pink roots i can't seem to get enough of her recently!